mentoring via Skype (audio)




A conversation about anything that relates to your professional and personal development.

general information
Individual sessions of 40 minutes (max) thru Skype (audio). In these confidential talks, we are looking for answers, questions, ideas, presuppositions, relevances, and so on. Key of the mentoring session is that you don't outsource your thinking - there is a strong emphasis on 'think for yourself'. The session will be evaluated by you and concrete actions will be discussed. A session can be executed within 5 days, also in the evening hours or weekends.

The advantage of this way of mentoring is that urgent questions can be dealt with right on time and against low costs.

examples of mentoring topics
- a conversation about a dilemma
- a dialogue re leadership issues
- discussing a decision: is this the right thing to do
- checking a problem: is this the real problem
- when to delegate
- discussing a presentation (group, management-team, board, etc.)
- feedback on a written text
- a question re self-development or the development of an employee
- career-related questions

Flexible, Efficient and Just In Time

For most international mentoring sessions I make use of Skype, FaceTime or any other tool that enables good audio (or, if desired, video). This means no phone costs, a lot of flexibility and efficiency. It enables people to talk about their issues when they need it, during or after working hours and against low costs.