the way forward - dialogues with a board




The meaning of life and work and everything

This is a short story about an organization that wanted to expand its activities. Or not.

Actually, there was a loss of meaning; loads and loads of work, but the entrepreneurial spirit was more or less gone. It wasn’t as in the old days anymore. ‘Should I go or should I stay’ as an analogy for expanding the organization or maintaining the situation.

So for a few afternoons, we had dialogues about motivation and we reflected on ‘these good old days’ via some exercises. We talked about ‘complex customer issues’ as an apparent driver of meaning since it gave opportunities for brilliant answers. Whether the customer actually needed these solutions or not - they were cool solutions, weren’t they?

I encounter these dilemma’s of ‘when to expand, or better wait of maybe not expand at all’, pretty often. And certainly the greatness of having an ‘aha-erlebnis’ when it is about brilliant solutions. And then you have this brilliant solution but the customer wants it more simple. Besides that, coming up with brilliant ideas is cool, but implementing them is hard work.

Anyway, in the end, things went fine. There were ‘aha-erlebnisse’, there was openness and thinking was not outsourced. They didn’t expand but the meaning was back. It might have been all fine without me as well. Never think you’re that important. But it helped them to be challenged about their questions and it was good to schedule a few afternoons only for ‘thinking and talking’. And that even without a decent agenda.