For over 25 years I explore, design and execute strategies and interventions for organizational development & change.

I have worked with CEO’s, VP’s, board members, teams and managers in international organizations across Europe, the Nordics, CEE and CIS.

Love to work with you as well.


A few of my activities

a challenged change
international management development with direct benefit business cases
the way forward: dialogues with a board
who's feeding the elephant? rent-a-challenger (©)


the dialogue - how to stay away from discussions and meaningless conversations.

In order to properly design and execute strategies and interventions for development & change, understanding context, why, what & how are key. A presentation, Q&A or townhall meeting by the CEO or any other manager looks cool but is in the end insufficient. Critical questions are not asked, elephants stay in the room and echo chambers like MT's and MT's-1 will even live in a larger bubble. It will not fit all company cultures but a management team, being trained in critical thinking methods, interviewing the architects of any development and/or change strategy, will better understand the why, what and how of the desired strategy or change before anything is kicked off.