A conversation about anything that relates to your professional and/or personal development.

general information
In this confidential talk, we are exploring answers, questions, ideas, presuppositions, relevances, solutions. There is a strong emphasis on 'think for yourself'.

examples of mentoring topics:
- dealing with a dilemma
- a dialogue re leadership issues
- solving a problem
- working with your manager
- clear communication
- what to do in difficult working situations
- convincing people
- developing your employees
- career questions

There are two types of mentoring: sessions on location (90 minutes) and virtual sessions (40 minutes) - these for questions that are urgent and need to be discussed within a few days. In case of two or more sessions on location, any virtual mentoring is free of charge during the mentoring trajectory. Of course it is also possible to book a stand-alone virtual session.

Virtual sessions can be executed within five days, also in the evening hours or weekends. You will be invited via a mailed link, so no need for complex login procedures. If preferred, the session (video or audio only) can be recorded for your own convenience.

Flexible, Efficient and Just In Time

For international mentoring sessions I prefer to make use of Zoom. This means no travel costs, a lot of flexibility and efficiency. It enables you to talk about your issues right where and when you need it, during or after working hours.

virtual mentoring information in Dutch (pdf)