about me




From all regions I visited and worked in, CEE (incl. Moscow) and Nordics are my favorites. If you're looking for change and entrepreneurship - look no further. In 1995 I moved to Warsaw and my international endeavors within Consultancy, Telecoms, Software, Retail and Media began.

I'm the former founder and owner of whitematterlab, a consulting company helping organizations to design clear and effective interventions for organizational development & change. After more than four years whitematterlab, I felt I needed something that would fit better. That's why I crafted the site you're visiting now. It will be updated on a regular basis.

I'm also the founding partner of Authentic Organization, a budding movement that welcomes decision makers, thinkers and consultants who want to make the business world qualitatively better. Please visit the audio-page for Authentic Organization's podcast, we've some cool podcasts there. On the video-page you'll find videos on various subjects.

My educational background is in philosophy and educational technology. I'm particularly interested in philosophy of technology, analytical philosophy and AI. I love to create digital audio & video; do some programming to keep up with what's going on; designed some 20+ websites mainly for fun & business, love writing, reading, drawing cartoons, aikido and playing keyboards. Pls. see trivia for more. Last but certainly not least - married with two kids, incredibly proud of them. 

For my career I refer to LinkedIn; if you're interested - its social icon is at the bottom of this page. A short profile can be found here (pdf). I can be contacted in Dutch, English or German.

Don't hesitate to get in touch, happy to help you. 

Have a great day!