Roundtables & Virtual Sessions

Roundtable 'trends in L & D'.

- Dutch spoken -


trends 1: organizations & hr, 22 minutes

Participants: HR-professionals of Deloitte, Office Depot, Eneco and EY.

Facilitation, program & participants: Gerard van der Molen.

Production: Crowdale.

Directed & recorded in 2014 by RTV Filmprodukties, Hilversum, NL.


trends 2: about the future of hr, 27 minutes


criteria: on l&d, 26 minutes


lessons learned & tips, 12 minutes

Virtual Sessions

video-sessions on various topics, like:

On consultants

This is Authentic Organization’s videocast on consultants, where László Kövári and I have a conversation with Mr. Eriç Bilginoglu*) about the (dis)advantages of making use of consultants. This episode is also available as a podcast.

*) Eriç Bilginoglu has an experience of more than 22 years in Supply Chain, Sales, Finance, General management and consultancy, gathered working for and with Multinational Corporations and Consultancy firms.